Charles Darwin is regarded as the father of the science of evolution in India and many other countries. He gave us the Theory of Evolution and his thesis later became fodder for Spencer’s Survival of the Fittest theory – a basis for free-market capitalism followed by the East India Company then as Free-Trade and as Globalization now by the Multinational corporations.

We know now through the mapping of this global corporate control by systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich that only 147 companies control everything through a control network structure of transnational corporations. What these corporate controlled information units do not tell us is that Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, is one of the most destructive social weapons ever utilized against humanity by this Corporate Oligarchy to enact their eugenic policies against inferior races which has seen millions killed.

John G. West, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute in his path breaking study reveals how Darwin prepared the way for eugenics. Indeed, his immediate family would soon be involved in that movement — his sons George and Leonard became active in promoting it (Leonard serving as “president of the Eugenics Education Society, the main eugenics group in Great Britain”), and his cousin Francis Galton became the founder of the “eugenics crusade.” Evidently, Darwin was sympathetic to eugenics: West quotes him as vowing “to cut off communication” with his disciple Mivart when the latter “criticized an article by Darwin’s son George that advocated eugenics.”

The Darwinian basis for eugenics is often down­played, West observes, yet it is a fact that eugenicists drew their “inspiration” directly from Darwinian biology. A number of the chief eugenicists of the early 20th century declared that natural selection was the “law” they followed to improve the race. Moreover, the American leaders in eugenics, who were “largely university-trained biologists and doctors” affiliated with places like Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, and the Museum of Natural History, presented eugenics as biologically “justified.” Between 1920 and 1939, West shows, Darwin’s theory was constantly used in high-school biology textbooks to support eugenics, something that shows how much mainstream science accepted this form of population control.

By having  their racial superiority supported by Darwin’s theories, these Oligarchs for nearly 200 years, have gone on a rampage against what they consider to be inferior races leading to the Indian Holocaust and genocide of entire populations—including the indigenous peoples of the America’s, Africa, Asia, Australia, along with those of Jewish heritage.

Below are the photos that reveal the horror of eugenics – disturbing images that document a time when those with undesirable genetic traits were sterilized or killed in order to ‘cleanse’ society.

Shown here are various types of Indian dwarfs and giants, photographed by the Eugenics Society to demonstrate how humans could be selectively bred to control size in 1912. As these photos make clear, for nearly 200 years, eugenics was much more than a German idea – followed dutifully by the British Empire under Darwinian influence. Picture courtesy Dailymail.
Photographs of ‘Indian Dwarfism’ from the Eugenics Society in 1912. Dwarfism refers to people who are 4 feet 10 inches or under as a result of a genetic or medical condition. Before the atrocities of Nazi Germany, eugenics – the system of measuring human traits, seeking out the desirable ones and cutting out the undesirable ones – was once practised by the British Empire under the influence of Darwinian theories. Picture courtesy Dailymail.
Bruno Beger was a German racial anthropologist who worked for the Ahnenerbe, a project in Nazi Germany to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. In this image taken in 1938, Dr Beger is measuring a Tibetan woman’s head to demonstrate what he believed were the ‘inferior’ characteristics of her race.
Composite photographs created to show the common faces of criminality and disease, taken from Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development in 1883.
A photograph of a Fich Henri Leon, a convicted criminal, with the measurements of his various body parts in Paris in 1902.
The New York City Police Department practices taking arm measurements using anthropometric methods in 1908. From 1907 in the United States, men, women and children who were deemed ‘insane, idiotic, imbecile, feebleminded or epileptic’ were forcibly sterilised.
The New York City Police Department demonstrates how to measure a criminal’s cranium in 1908. From 1907 in the United States, men, women and children who were deemed ‘insane, idiotic, imbecile, feebleminded or epileptic’ were forcibly sterilised.
Researchers measure the capacity of a human skull by filling it with water in the National Academy of Sciences in 1885.
Pictured is an image of a human skull taken from the National Academy of Sciences in 1885. After the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’, a veritable craze for eugenics spread through Britain, the United States and Europe.
Portraits demonstrating the standard head shapes of ‘criminal types’ of various races. The images were captured in France in 1914.
A child’s head is measured to determine his personality and predict his future in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, in 1932. At the time it was believed the quality of an individual’s genes could be determined by their skull measurements. Some eugenic proponents suggested simply cutting out entire groups of people if they had degenerative genes.
Babies compete in the ‘Better Baby Contest’ where doctors tried to find the perfect infant human specimen in Washinton DC in 1931. The Better Baby contests were designed to evaluate and improve families. Babies between the age of 6 and 48 months were judged on their health and the competitions aimed to establish standards for judging infant health.
Families in Topeka, Kansas compete in the ‘Fitter Family’ contest which was designed to find the most eugenically perfect family in 1925. These contests were a popular form of eugenics education in the 1920s and were modelled on the Better Baby Contests. They exemplified ‘positive eugenics’ and encouraged ‘fit’ people to have larger families.
Shown here are composite photographs of patients with and without various diseases, created to find the common facial characteristics of people who are resistant to disease. The images were taken in London in 1912.
Dr Bruno Beger measures the facial characteristics of a Tibetan man in 1938. This project was masterminded by Ernst Schäfer, a zoologist who worked for the German secret service. The aim of the project was to help the Race and Settlement Office or SS-Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt of the SS identify Jews.
Photographs of ‘human races,’ organized to suggest a common trait shared by ‘primitive’ Australians, Africans, and Neanderthals.
A poster warns that breeding among the unfit creates an unwanted burden on the rest of society in Philadelphia in 1926. ‘Some people are born to be a burden on the rest’, the poster reads.’Every 15 seconds $100 of your money goes for the care of persons with bad heredity such as the insane, feeble minded, criminals and other defectives’.
French researcher Alphonse Bertillon demonstrates how to measure a human skull in Paris, France in 1894. Bertillon was a criminologist who first developed a system for measuring physical body parts – particularly of the head and face – to work out if someone might be a criminal.
A craniologist demonstrates how to measure a human skull in Sweden in 1915.
A woman wears a psychograph, a machine designed to determine someone’s mental faculties by measuring their skull in the US in 1931. Used in the early part of the twentieth century, the psychograph discerns a subject’s aptitudes by looking at a person’s head.
A demonstration of how to measure a criminal’s ear, inspired by Bertillon in Paris in 1894. Scientists would measure the human skulls of felons in an effort to eradicate criminality. The Bertillon system quickly gained acceptance as a reliable way to carry out criminial investigations and in 1884 it was used to capture 241 offenders.
A convicted criminal named Albert Smit has his head measured in the Netherlands in 1896. Law enforcement created records of known criminals and their skull measurements as well as full-face photographs, now known as ‘mugshots’. The system was introduced into the US in 1887.
An anthropometry class learns about the different types of human noses, inspired by Bertillon.
French weightlifter Alexandre Maspoli poses as an ideal human specimen on the cover of La Culture Physique in France in 1904. Maspoli was born in Lyon in 1875 and was amateur weightlifting champion for 19 years in a row and was also a successful sculptor.
A class studies the Bertillon method of criminal identification, based on measuring body parts in Paris between 1910-1915. In 1907, the Eugenics Education Society was founded in Britain to campaign for sterilisation and marriage restrictions for the weak to prevent the degeneration of Britain’s population.
A woman with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism (left) in 1912, as photographed by the Eugenics Society. The notes point out that her parents and children also have achondroplasia.
A humiliated-looking man with ‘eunuchism’ allows scientists of the Eugenics Society to photograph him in the nude in 1912.
A family of children born with rickets are photographed by the Eugenics Society in 1912. In 1907, the Eugenics Education Society was founded in Britain to campaign for sterilisation and marriage restrictions for the weak to prevent the degeneration of Britain’s population.
Children afflicted with rickets, photographed by the Eugenics Society in 1912 to demonstrate that their condition is hereditary and could be controlled through selective breeding. Sir James Crichton-Brown, a leading psychiatrist, recommended the compulsory sterilisation of those with learning disabilities and mental illness – an act that Sir Winston Churchill supported.
A phrenologist demonstrates how to measure a person’s head in the United Kingdom in 1937. In 1931, Labour MP Archibald Church proposed a bill for the compulsory sterilisation of certain categories of ‘mental patient’ in Parliament. Although such legislation was never actually passed in Britain, this did not prevent many sterilisations being carried out under various forms of coercion.
A phrenologist demonstrates how to measure the mental energy inside of a woman’s head in London in 1937. By 1938, 33 American states permitted the forced sterilisation of women with learning disabilities and 29 American states had passed compulsory sterilisation laws covering people who were thought to have genetic conditions.
A map illustration revealing which states in the United States have laws condoning forced sterilisation in New York in 1921.
A photograph of a child with a cleft lip (right), taken to demonstrate the type of child that should be kept from breeding in London in 1912.
A Eugenics and Health Exhibit teaches the crowd how illiteracy can be controlled through selective breeding in the US (date unknown). The first sterilisation law – which stopped certain categories of disabled people from having children – was passed in Indiana, USA in 1907. This was twenty-six years before a similar law was introduced by the Nazis in Germany in 1933.
A photograph from the Eugenics Society showing a family with the ‘lobster claw’ deformity, meant as a demonstration of a hereditary defect in 1912. A mental institution in Illinois euthanized its patients by deliberately infecting them with tuberculosis, an act they justified as a mercy killing that cut the weak link in the human race.

These deadly theories were prevalent among the high circles of the British Empire and the East India Company. Winston Churchill the Saviour of the World from the Nazis not only promoted Darwinian eugenics in words and deeds but was directly related to Charles Darwin – they share the same bloodline. It is in the context of this guiding philosophy that Churchill said, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.”

However it was the series of Churchill’s decisions between 1940 and 1944 that directly and inevitably led to the deaths of atleast three million Indians. The streets of eastern Indian cities were lined with corpses as a direct result of these policies. Yet, the story of this Indian Holocaust remain unspoken to this day. What is more is that the people of India are a long way to acknowledge the role of Darwinian theories in causing the Indian Holocaust. While countries around the world are starting to realize and reject these dubious and deadly theories of eugenics and taking it off from their school textbooks, why are we Indians still teaching our kids about them and praising this Godfather Of Eugenics?

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