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Baba Ramdev, recently while meeting Anil Agarwal, the Chairman of Vedanta Resources at his home in London while Indians were protesting outside said:

“International conspirators created ruckus at one of Vedanta’s plant in South of India through innocent local people. Industries are the temples of development for the nation. They should not be closed.”

We would like to remind our readers how dubious and hollow this remark is at shielding Vedanta. First of all why would Baba Ramdev at all advocate for the (once) Church owned world’s most hated British company Vedanta which is forcibly acquiring Indian mineral resources via Israeli trained mercenary police terrorizing common Indian populace as was seen during Sterlite protest in Tamil Nadu?

Do you know the Mangala Oil field in Rajasthan has more oil than Saudi Oil fields? And do you also know that it was taken over by British Petroleum using none other than Vedanta as a front company? Didn’t Baba Ramdev know why Church of England sold off its stakes in Vedanta? Than again, why shield Vedanta by claiming that it is a Church sponsored conspiracy? Who owns Vedanta now? What is Baba’s interest in it? Did not 13 Indians lost their lives because of the direct action of this company? So, why would Baba advocate for such a Crown owned company?

Do you know just 9 months after India adopted the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the first deal that was brokered was between Vedanta taking over bankrupt Electrosteel Steels? Can any of the eminent economists of India explain the implications of these two incidents? While Vedanta itself was struggling with bankruptcy since a while, where did it got the money to bailout Electrosteel Steels?

Similarly, last year our so called ‘nationalist’ leaders were in London urging the Queen to clean River Ganga through her Crown companies Vedanta and Foresight Group. Just like their favorite Crown firm De La Rue printing Indian currency to this day was saved from bankruptcy via Demonetization. De La Rue when exposed by GreatGameIndia was also shielded by Government officials at the time and also tried to threaten us with a lawsuit via its advisory firm Brunswick. Instead, none bothered to report that there is an 11 crore case going on against De La Rue itself for providing substandard papers for printing Indian currency notes.

The lingering question here is what is the reason behind this blind fascination for British Crown companies that are clearly taking India for a ride in broad daylight? Part of it maybe due to the fact that it was a certain non-resident Indian couple based in Scotland that financed Ramdev’s Empire even gifted him an island and who hold 12.46 lakh shares each in Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., making them the second biggest stakeholders. Another part maybe the statement by Subramanian Swamy hinting that, “British Intelligence have those tapes of females supplied by Vedanta Inc”.

But there is more to it. Under the guise of such sophisticated corporate persona and culturally stirring name like ‘Vedanta’, these companies are also involved in the swindling of our temple resources. Does Baba Ramdev know that the Crown firm Vedanta he is advocating for also bailed out Anglo American that owns part of East India Company’s De Beers, a syndicate which is currently involved in the smuggling and auction of Indian antiques and temple idols in and around Tirumala Tirupati temples as well as across India? Somebody please tell the Baba that this smuggled Indian antiques and idols are being sold off in world famous British auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s founded by East India Company officers. And as recently as last month a pink diamond from the Tirumala temple was auctioned at Sotheby’s, Geneva. Baba has a big fan following in United Kingdom, we would urge him to also shed some light and make his followers aware about these British firms involved in smuggling our heritage.

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