Yesterday Arnab Goswami’s Republic ran a #ChurchVsNationalists campaign which is we must say misleading and only one side of the story. Here is the historical context behind the issue that none in India has till now been able to understand or address.

In this article we examine the historical forces that have caused Indian society to lose the awareness of space-time and of our location in it. Primarily we shall point to a key element which is a conflict between the British, the Church, the FreeMasonic Orders and the French — in the context of which India became a victim.

Indians would do well to understand that the highly individualized approach to society as being pushed and practiced in Western Societies and dutifully downloaded by Indians is not their natural state. This western outlook was actually the result of a tinkering of their educational systems for centuries, dating back to the classical problem of the fight between the Church and its enemies, primarily various aspects of the FreeMasonic orders.

In this battle first Freemasons then the Church realized that while the foe cannot be changed, the “one who will become the foe” can be changed. This led to an attempt in Europe to control the minds of younger generations as is being done in India now. This brainwashing was achieves in 2 steps:

  1. Push in perceptions and limit information receiving abilities; twist the published information to suit the pushed perception. Observe similar parallels in India.
  2. Manipulate process whereby received information is re-enforceable as being valid. Point 2 explains why large number of Indian students feel Social Studies in India are useless as information they receive is completely disconnected from observed reality.

So, British-created establishment controlled what we might call the 4 P’s: the Public education system, the Printing, the Public debate as mediated by the Government, and the Press. The hangover of these controlled 4Ps is still visible on Indian mind.

India in Cognitive Dissonance Book

Indians should note that strategy applied by FreeMasons in attacking Church was used against India by combination of Church, British & now Freemasons also who had by now learned & mastered the art. The starting point of this dilemma was the .

French rejected Church attempt to push fraudulent time/space lines on them, precisely because they had direct source of true time/space lines from India. This is in fact the root of the  culminating with the rise of Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor opposed to getting crowned by the Pope.

But if these ideologies were allowed to run, the Church would have been destroyed by now. The fact that this has not happened, indicates that they have fought back. The battle ground of this fight was India and America – the fight that continues to this day.

Many of the self proclaimed Nationalists would be shocked to know that Sir Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha Foundation projects including are being funded by the same forces – Freemasons, CIA & Nazi War Criminals like George Soros. Read this below《thread》for more details about the murky funders of Sir Jaggi Vasudev and its implications for India’s National Security.

One of the side-effects of holding the Church in check in America was an extreme individualization of Philosophies which is perhaps the only side (worse side at that) Indian public is shown about America today by Freemason/British controlled corporate mainstream media. In India however the fight took a different turn. Unlike America of the time, India had a vast knowledge-base that was very much alive. So, in India then, the British colluded with the Church to completely destroy the Indian knowledge base.

A major factor for the British, for taking the path of discrediting everything in India as worthless thus subjugating Indians to mental & spiritual servitude came from intellectual thinking of revolutionary France who had direct access to time-space lines from India. Having trade connections with India for long before advent of British, the French had translated many treatises on Mathematics, Science & Medicine from Sanskrit & other languages into French. This made them understand the importance of Mathematics & Science in relation to society.

In particular French realized the most unscientific basis of public version of Christianity with its creation tale of Genesis dating the entire evolution of universe to a few thousand years – the timeframe in which Mahabharat & Ramayan are retrofitted & are still unchallenged by any of our traditional Mutts.

In order to maintain its dominance and existence the Church in alliance with the British retrofitted the entire time-line of the “Indian” civilization to 2-3000 B.C. That is why when an Anthropologist makes an archaeological discovery in the forests of India and finds it to be some 50,000 year old he is confronted with this globally accepted narrative of the Indian civilization being some 3000 to 5000 years old only. The only way left for him is to tweak his findings and go along with the official narrative or challenge it and be discarded from the anthropological community of scholars dominated by the British.

This above problem of fraudulent time-space line imposed on Indian civilization is very well depicted in the movie The Lost City of Z (part of the religious fight going on in the West). Here is GGI review of the movie – The Lost City Of Z – A Historical Movie Review.

India in Cognitive Dissonance Book

For more than 2000 years a war is being waged for the control of India and the access routes connected to it. The Turkey Coup is the beginning of the end of the Great Game, as it is known. With Russia slipping out of their hands, the eyes were set on an unfathomably resource-rich country, which even after thousand years of non-stop plunder and looting still captures the imagination of one and all, thugs, thieves and robber-barons alike with her yet-unknown massive economic resources potential — that country is India.

India in Cognitive Dissonance is a hard-hitting myth-buster from GreatGameIndiaA timely reminder for the decadent Indian society; a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.



The important question here that every Mutt follower should ask their Mutthadhipatis, every Swayamsevak their Shakha Pracharak and every liberal introspect himself is that – is our Indian civilization only some 3000 to 5000 odd years old as prescribed by the Church? What about the dating of Mahabharat and Ramayana? If not why haven’t any religious leader from India challenged this timeline? Why are we still following the Roman Catholic Church’s Gregorian calendar? Can these Mutts even today comeup with timeframe independent of this construct? What does it mean when our own current Indian Prime Minister who himself comes from the traditional camp in his recent visit to Russia proclaimed with pride along the British created biblical lines that the Vedas and our Indian knowledge base itself is some 2000 years old?

While Indians stand confused & clueless, there is a fierce fight going on in the West between the Freemasons, Church, British & French that could shake the very foundations of their society. And if not prudent Indian society as well will see the same fate. Since driven by hatred & geopolitical ignorance our self proclaimed Nationalists have made alliance with the same Freemasonic bloodlines who controlled East India Companies & are now following the same #Divide&Rule strategy created by them on the Indian society.

To understand the issue is depth read GreatGameIndia’s exclusive book India in Cognitive Dissonance – an explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society and a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics published by GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly journal on Geopolitics & International Relations.

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