This week United Kingdom will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting also known as CHOGM 2018 where leaders of the former colonies will get together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace. Atleast this is what is being told to Indians and citizens of other member nations. But do you know the real reason behind this summit?

Do you know secretly without your knowledge a “high level group” has been setup by Commonwealth officials to clandestinely plan for succession of the British Crown? Why? Because the current head of Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II is getting old and will turn 92 on 21st April and there is a widespread concern regarding the succession of Commonwealth.

The leaders of member nations are not just there to wish the Queen on her birthday but to discuss secretly for succession of the British Crown after the Queen at the summit in London “on retreat” at Windsor Castle. This is one of the most important developments that would decide the fate of many nations who still are part of the Commonwealth.

But if it is a matter of such pride why was all of it planned in secret? Why was this not told to Indians? What else is being hidden from the Indian public?

Head of Commonwealth and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and UK Prime Minister Theresa may with leaders of former colonies.

India was called “Jewel in the Crown” because it was only with India’s looted and plundered wealth that the British Empire could sustain itself. It is not a matter of pride. Although there are certain commentators who are propagating the idea of India becoming a “Jewel in the Commonwealth“. Might we remind them that the Commonwealth is obsolete and why many nations now are advocating to disbanded it. Maybe these commentators are not aware that Brexit has plunged Britain into chaos which is desperately trying to not go the way of other European nations like Cyprus, Greece etc. So a re-branding of Commonwealth is in progress and a very special role has been designated for India in this Empire 2.0There is no reason such an outfit should exist unless it is to perpetuate the same colonial legacy that plundered half the world and specifically the Sone ki Chidiya – India. Do Indians not remember their history, about your ancestors who gave their lives for your future?

So here is a small history lesson for the sake of your heritage. From late 19 century British planners were concerned that British Empire would not exist in its current form and that a more subtle, devious means of imperial control had to be devised which gave birth to Commonwealth of Nations with an apparently more liberal, “voluntary” facade.

This scheme was implemented through Colonial Development Corporation established as a statutory corporation in 1948 by Clement Attlee’s post-war Labour government. Following the independence of many colonies, it was renamed the Commonwealth Development Corporation in 1963 and was permitted to invest outside the Commonwealth in 1969. In essence “Commonwealth” is just a re-branding of “Colonial” not to spook citizens of colonies after their granted independence. This was achieved through the psychological warfare agencies of the British Empire now masquerading as PR firms and election management companies rigging elections in their former colonies and officially being hired by national Indian political parties without any shame.

Each leader of former colonies summoned to the Commonwealth Summit 2018 will receive this special book from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II put together by apprentices in the Royal Bindery, featuring pictures of gifts given to Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family. Do you know the EIIR symbol on the book is a Royal Cypher for Regina Imperator – “Empress of India”?

Do you know as part of the Commonwealth Development Corporation Act 1999, CDC was converted from a statutory corporation to a public limited company renamed CDC Group plc, with all shares owned by the UK Government? Do you know India and UK has launched a new Euro 13 million Tech Alliance between the two countries and announced Euro 1 billion worth of business deals along with promising to double India’s contribution to the Commonwealth technical cooperation fund? Where will this money go and for what exactly? For whom and for what does the Commonwealth nations work for as part of this Colonial Development Corporation owned by the British government?

Is this why even after 7 decades we are still relying on Crown Agent firms like De La Rue to print our own currency notes on their machines even after being blacklisted and banned for dubious dealings with Pakistan and being the source of fake Indian currency notes? Is this why when we exposed this issue instead of opening an investigating we were threatened with a lawsuit? Is this why even for sensitive issues like developing our national communications infrastructure we call upon owner families of the East India Companies to officially design the auction system for the Government? Why would no media or politician or activist in the entire country tell the citizens about the role of the House of Rothschild (one of the owner families of the East India Companies) in the 2G scam who were the official advisors of the Government of India?

This is not a question of conjecture, but of fact. Take Britain’s relationship with the African continent, for example. At present, British companies control more than $1 trillion worth of Africa’s key resources: gold, diamonds, gas and oil, and an area of land roughly four times the size of the UK.

Can any Indian analyst worth the name tell us how much of Indian resources does the British companies control? Has the Indian government undertaken such a study let alone the amount of treasure that was taken out by colonists, which is being sold off even now in broad daylight infront of the entire world to see by British auction houses? Is it not a matter of utter national shame and humiliation? Or have we been so ‘civilized’ to even understand what it means? We will let Kung Fu expert Jackie Chan beat some sense into you, “This behaviour is shameful. They remain looted items, no matter whom they were sold to. Whoever took it out (of China) is himself a thief. It was looting yesterday. It is still looting today.” 

Do you know there are violent protests in South Africa against President Cyril Ramaphosa visit to the Commonwealth Summit because of which he had to cut short his visit and go back to his people and explain? Don’t Indians have a spine? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

May be the Indian government should learn from the Caribbean nations who are suing Britain, Holland and France for slavery reparations that could cost hundreds of billions of pounds demanding compensation for ‘awful’ legacy of Atlantic trade. Would the Indian leadership discuss these matters while they would be wishing the Queen a “Happy Birthday”?

It is being projected according to a recent research that the world’s richest 1% are on course to control as much as two-thirds of the world’s wealth by 2030. How much of it would India loose? Has the Indian government made an impact study on the tipping point as projected by the researchers which is the 2008 financial crash?

Recently the Indian Cabinet approved key changes in India’s foreign direct investment (FDI) policy by allowing 100 percent FDI (from current 49%) under automatic route for single brand retail trading and construction development paving the way for global players. This ludicrous policy has been announced when the American markets themselves are undergoing what is now termed as Retail Apocalypse. Do you know of the 1,200 shopping malls across the US, 50% are expected to close by 2023. Do you know more than 12,000 stores in US are expected to close in 2018. Now these same bankrupt companies would be opening up shop in India via non-existent FDI.

While India is opening up its markets to be developed by borrowed foreign investment there is a fundamental question that remains to be answered or rather even asked by experts. While the Western European countries are themselves still reeling under the pressure of the 2008 financial crisis that shook not just their economic but societal and even security foundations and brought them to the verge of bankruptcies; where would all these FDI investment monies come from? This simple question if answered would lay bare the entire charade of Foreign Direct Investment in India as well as the American Dream. It is really amusing that none from the entire 1.3 billion population of India has been able to ask this humble question.

So where does all the money go? The US Department of Commerce estimates that each $1 billion in trade deficit translates to about 13,000 to 19,000 lost jobs for Americans – meaning that every $1 billion sucked out of India will stabilize atleast 13,000 jobs in the US. How many jobs would RS 36.5 trillion that the Indian govt. wrote off save? Roughly around 80 lakh American jobs, enough to sustain entire US economy with job/wage guarantee multiplier effects setting in. This same 80 lakh jobs it was promised in 2011 will be created in India instead by FDI in Retail.

So, we ask again, is it a matter of pride to be a “Jewel in the Commonwealth” or a matter of shame? Let us help you a little in your decision making process and to make up your mind. While India is overjoyed to become a “Jewel in the Commonwealth”, did you know in 2016 a small island nation just below the southern tip of India had the courage to challenge the Commonwealth and get out of it? Not many of you would know this because its not debated on evening news channels.

It is here at Windsor Castle that leaders of former colonies will discuss in secret away from their country & without knowledge of their countrymen, the question of who will succeed as head of Commonwealth after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In the year 1600, East India Company was formed and given exclusive right to trade with India and South East Asia by the British Monarchy under the concept of Free Trade and Globalization. It was also given the right to civilize India. In the year 1965, the Club of Rome (top industrial houses-real owners of EICs or MNCs) divided the world in 10 economic segments and gave unbridled authority to ruthlessly exploit Segment 9 (India belongs to this segment 9), a group of mineral (diamond, gold, uranium, life saving medicinal plants, organic food and drinking water) oil and natural gas rich South-East Asian nations consisting one third of the population of the world – under liberalization (liberalize domestic economy to globalize its owners) and privatization (privatize so that Free Trade can further control domestic economy via global owners) to a group of MNCs.

To believe that ruthless business men for 400 years who toppled kingdoms, redrew geographies, killed more than 200 million people in umpteen wars in last 100 years, suddenly transformed into mendicants because they love India, is great wishful thinking of Bollywood style. So, we ask again our fellow brothers and sisters – is it a matter of pride to be a “Jewel in the Commonwealth” or a matter of shame? 

If a small island nation like Maldives can come out of the Commonwealth as recently as in 2016, ofcourse even India can. Why not? Indians would heartily support such a move if any of our leader is brave enough to go forward with it.

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