It is our endeavor in this brief section of the book India in Cognitive Dissonance to outline the historical forces that have caused our society to lose the awareness of space-time and of our location in it. Primarily we shall point to a key element which is a conflict between the British, the Church, the FreeMasonic Orders and the French — in the context of which India became a victim.

  1. India: Victim of Conflict between Church, FreeMasonic Orders, British & French
  2. How & Why The Church-British Alliance Destroyed Indian Knowledge Bases?
  3. How Christian Thought Was Forced On Indian Mind
  4. The Controversy Over Pride In Our Ancient Past

Indians would do well to understand that the highly individualized approach to society as being pushed and practiced in Western Societies is not their natural state. It is actually the result of a tinkering of their educational systems for centuries, dating back to the classical problem of the fight between the Church and its enemies, primarily various aspects of the Free-Masonic orders. In this battle-to-the-death, first the latter then the former, realized correctly that while the foe cannot be changed, the “one who will become the foe” can be changed.

This led to an attempt in Europe to control the minds of younger generations by attempting two things:

  1. Push in perceptions and limit information receiving abilities; twist the published information to suit the pushed perception.
  2. Manipulate the process whereby the received information is re-enforceable as being true and valid. (Particularly, the second point explains why a large number of Indian students feel that the Social Studies in India are useless as the information they are receiving is completely disconnected from the observed reality, making it impossible for the mind to validate.)

So, the British-created establishment controlled what we might call the 4 P’s: the Public education system, the Printing, the Public debate as mediated by the Government, and the Press.

Indians should note that the strategy applied by the FreeMasons in attacking the Church was used against India by a combination of the Church and the British, who had by now learned and mastered the art. Let it be noted that the starting point of this dilemma was the French Revolution. The French rejected the attempt by the Church to push the fraudulent time-and-spatial lines on them, precisely because they had a direct source of the true time-and-space lines from India. This is in fact the root of the French revolution, culminating with the rise of Napoleon who crowned himself Emperor as opposed to getting crowned by the Pope.

But, if these ideologies were allowed to run, the Church would have been destroyed by now. The fact that this has not happened, indicates that they have fought back.

The battle ground of this fight was India and America. One of the side-effects of holding the Church in check in America was an extreme individualization of Philosophies which is perhaps the only side (the worse side at that) the Indian public is shown about America today by the corporate media. In India however the fight took a different turn. Unlike America of the time, India had a vast knowledge-base that was very much alive. So, in India then, the British colluded with the Church to completely destroy the Indian knowledge base.

A major factor for the British, for taking the path of discrediting everything in India as worthless, thus, subjugating populations to mental and spiritual servitude, came from the intellectual thinking of revolutionary France. Having had trade connections with India for very long before the advent of British, the French had translated, from the Sanskrit and other Indian languages, many treatises on mathematics, science and medicine into French. This made them understand the importance of mathematics and science in relation to society. In particular, the French realized the most unscientific basis of the public version of Christianity with its creation tale of genesis, dating the entire evolution of universe to few thousand years.

By scientifically rejecting the absurdity of religion, the French moved to reject Christianity as main social binding force during the revolution, specifically citing Indian astronomical accounts. From Voltaire to several others, this trend became a bed-rock in forging the French revolution based on intellectual achievements and self-knowledge with slogans of equality, liberty and fraternity. This shift from the Church to a Republic shook the very foundations of Catholicism.

This popped up an unusual alliance between British and the Catholic Church to disprove the French and the nascent German thinking about the role of knowledge in statecraft. More specifically, the Church and the British concerned themselves with the problem of how to discard and disprove such knowledge if it went against the established dogmas of Church. The British struck an alliance with the Catholic Church to complete the task of discarding of Oriental knowledge in favor of that of the Church and their time-lines in exchange for agreement of non-competition with them in trade with the Indian subcontinent.

Excerpt from the book India in Cognitive Dissonance – an explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society and a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics published by GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly journal on Geopolitics & International Relations.

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  4. Freemasonry is Talmudic and Kabbalah based. The Abrahamic faiths are joined at the hip. Together, they have revised history, waged wars and carried out genocides all around the world for their wealth, power, access and control of others while using the Platonic noble lie to their people, preaching patriotism for group think. Practitioners of the noble lie tell the people what they want to hear and plan in private. American, British deists of John Dee were practitioners of the dark arts that John Dee wrote of in hist translation of the Necromincon and the Enochian Grimoire for Evocation. Occult, meaning hidden, is from the term Cabal. There is some good information about the great lies of the Abrahamic faiths at . The masonic wars of the last 400 years are all by managed deception. The genocide of the “new” world, as well as several wars in India through WWII by Churchill, include the American revolution, Jacobin revolution, Bolshevik revolution planned and financed out of the United States by Jacob Schiff and the Wilson Administration, Young Turk Ottoman revolution run and funded out if the UK, WWI for the destruction of the German people, WWII for the complete destruction of the Germany by the US/UK/USSR and Pan-europeans (read the book “The Shape of Things to Come” by H. G. Wells, Fabian and Mason written in 1933 available from with the Raven which is a character from the Grimoire is accurate about the flashpoint for the start of WWII 6 years before it happened. All current roads lead to Rothschild (mason as well as his monument in Israel as the symbolism of the Israel Supreme Court), who runs the central banks. R.F. McMaster, who published a newsletter called The Reaper, through his Swiss and Saudi Arabian contacts was able to find out which banks held a controlling interest in the Reserve. The Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris; Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy; Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Brothers Bank of New York; Kuhn Loeb and Co. Bank of New York; Chase Manhattan Bank of New York; and Goldman, Sachs of New York. These interests control the Reserve through about three hundred stockholders.” The New Testament has been adulterated several time over since the 3rd century by occultists including the book of Revelations by occultist Cerinthus, others include John (Cohen) Calvin, Sir Francis Bacon (mason) translator for the King James Version, Cyrus Scofield and dispensationalism, and several others. A book of interest is “Misquoting Jesus” by Bart Ehrman, where he identifies that there is little original of the book. The book itself looks to have been written by the Flavians and Pisos who were Judeans. If their was an anointed one, perhaps Esa, the King of Edessa has been shown to be archeologically more factual in that there is a record of him. Although the Hebrew and New Testament state that sacrifice is a contemptible practice, the two faiths don’t practice what they preach. Indeed, proverbs was lifted from Amenemope of Egypt and the entire fabrication of the Hebrew testament is from Egypt and perhaps Brahman in the case of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac where it is clear that the practice of Baal (storm god, also meaning Lord) worship was known. Also in the Grimoire El and Saturn synonymous are the names used for God the Exalter. Mohammed was poisoned and the Qur’an modified as the oldest known Qur’an is that found in Sana’a Yemen and is far from the same which I am currently trying to get information on. Freemasonry looks to be one big lie for power at any cost, and currently controls all industries the I call the cabal of cartels which include money and credit, energy, knowledge, military & intel, judiciary/police and corrections, big mining and resource extraction, big medicine, big pharma, big agriculture, major mass media, entertainment including sports entertainment, religion, secret societies, gorernment and policy, arms, narcotics, intellectual property, franchising, IoT. It is condensed through the UN (Atlantic treaty of 1941), and the International Chamber of Commerce. IMHO, any group that claims to be for peace but is at perpetual war are a fraud. Killing in the name of god and country are a farce. Any god that requires sacrifice is not of God. Israel is the crowning achievement for Freemasonry and Israel ™ a Rothschild scheme shows little or no good conscience if any conscience at all as the Palestinians were living together in peace for hundreds of years within their own different faiths. The theosophical society ( is the global religion created by Freemasonry and can be seen in the symbolism at Astana Kazakstan. US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel are completely Freemasonic states. For more on freemasonry, read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike for the Scottish Rite (Lucifer is God), as well as Initiates of the Flame by Manly P. Hall . History of ZIonism 1600-1918 by Nahum Sokolow vol. 1 & 2, and the Getty Alchemy Collection at .

  5. […] The problem faced by Fawcett then still haunts the Anthropologists of India today. When they move into the forests of India or the ancient sites for field work they are exposed to information from their findings that they are unable to reconcile working in the system set by the British created Church dictated worldview. At the root of this is the loss of awareness of space-time and of our location in it caused by the imposition of fraudulent time-and-space. The context to this problem has been explained in detail in the book India in Cognitive Dissonance published by GreatGameIndia magazine. Relevant excerpts can be read at – India: Victim of Conflict between Church, FreeMasonic Orders, British & French Series. […]

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