This is the second part of the India: Victim of Conflict between Church, FreeMasonic Orders, British & French Series. Read the first part of this series here – Part 1.

  1. India: Victim of Conflict between Church, FreeMasonic Orders, British & French
  2. How & Why The Church-British Alliance Destroyed Indian Knowledge Bases?
  3. How Christian Thought Was Forced On Indian Mind
  4. The Controversy Over Pride In Our Ancient Past

Since the beginning of 1785 a systematic methodology was adapted by British to achieve their objective of intellectual, spiritual and mental enslavement of Indians. This was long before Macaulay presented his plan in British Parliament. And by 1815, with the defeat of Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo, the British eliminated all French presence from India.

Let Indians also note that Continental Europe has always treated the British as pirates, and the British were kept out of all civilized activities. Now the British, who were always treated as pirates, wanted to show to continental Europe that they were also civilized, pro-Science and pro-advancement. To this end, they adopted the charade of civilizing others and the British and the Church entered into another unholy agreement. Note that the Church was the victim of the French Revolution based on the French Renaissance that was actually based on the Astronomical knowledge the French obtained from India.

So the agreement of this unholy alliance was that if the British could find a way to check-mate France and counter the French danger to the Church, in return the Church would see to it that the British would be admitted to the Empire and would not be treated as pirates. (And it is precisely the effect of this unholy alliance that we will see at all points in India.)

Note once again that Indian Astronomical knowledge was the main danger to the Church via the French Revolution. The vast percentage of Europeans who came to learn the Veda as scholars were Catholics, whereas their British controllers and financiers were Protestants. Thus, the British adopted a two-pronged strategy.

  1. Militarily check-mate the French by throwing up coalition after coalition and
  2. Destroy the source of the knowledge that created the French Revolution – this led to the destruction of knowledge bases in India.

Destruction of the knowledge-bases in India was a four-pronged approach.

  1. Destroy the funding sources to all centers of learning in India.
  2. Corner all manuscripts and lift them out of India.
  3. Raze to the dust anything that survives in India in the form of astronomical observatories, temples, scientific marvels and plunder and pillage them (and put the complete blame on the Muslims) so that future Indian generations will never be able to re-construct the truth about what happened to them. A careful campaign was launched to discredit all traditional modes of learning in India and both Sanskrit and Persian were pushed down. The British had realized that most of the Indian traditional texts had been already translated into the Persian and the Persian translations too would have to be destroyed.
  4. Prevent the Indian mind from going back to the process of re-construction of their destroyed History by completely re-engineering their ideas of space and time.

They retrofitted the entire time-line of the “Indian” civilization to 2-3000 B.C. They tinkered historical texts available in India to limit their geographical location to within British India. When they carefully controlled the archives, the libraries and public education, they published only 636-odd texts, out of the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts that were taken out. These 636-odd texts were then used to show that there was no Indian civilization worth the name. The 636 texts were used to push a Christian thought on the Indian mind, and were used to create a new religion. The followers of this new religion were called Hindus.

Excerpt from the book India in Cognitive Dissonance – an explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society and a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics published by GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly journal on Geopolitics & International Relations.

India in Cognitive Dissonance Book
India in Cognitive Dissonance Book

India in Cognitive Dissonance
is a hard-hitting myth-buster
from the Editors of GreatGameIndia.
A timely reminder for the decadent Indian society;
a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations
from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy
taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods
that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.



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