This is the third part of our continuing series from the book India in Cognitive Dissonance published by GreatGameIndia magazine. Read the first two parts here:

  1. India: Victim of Conflict between Church, FreeMasonic Orders, British & French
  2. How & Why The Church-British Alliance Destroyed Indian Knowledge Bases?
  3. How Christian Thought Was Forced On Indian Mind
  4. The Controversy Over Pride In Our Ancient Past

The whole of Continental Europe, especially the French and the Germans decried the massive onslaught on the Indian knowledge base that was being perpetuated by the British. But with the political turmoil in Europe no other country was able to interfere to checkmate the British onslaught. With nobody, including the Indians, to oppose them, the British attempted to set the entire Indian civilizational anchor points into a biblical framework of 2000 years BC. This convoluted the Indian mind to the time-frame of biblical creation tales at 5000 years. (Tragically even the current Indian Prime Minister who himself comes from the traditional camp in his recent visit to Russia proclaimed with pride along the British created biblical lines that the Vedas and our Indian knowledge base itself is some 2000 years old!)

From the oldest texts available, the Vedas to everything else was retrofitted into this 5000 year timeframe and piped to the masses through the public education in a manner made to appear as matter of fact. The Indian mind with an intellect unable to question this onslaught and in the absence of sources of knowledge or having no means to retrieve these sources slowly surrendered their basic quality of questioning to seek truth and began to simply accepting passively whatever was being taught to them (as shown in this recent example of our review of the movie The Lost City of Z).

The new religion, Hinduism (the creation of which by the Church-British combine is explained in previous part), which is absolutely hierarchical, oppressive and which fostered an ignorance, that brooked no questioning, was piped into the brains of one and all starting with school children to women being relegated to position of slaves.

A critical role in the destruction of the society in India was played out with the destruction of the state of women. The British pushed the case that women were not equal to men and have no property rights and changed the succession rules so that property can be inherited by male offspring only. Thus, the role of women in the society was confined to baby-producing machines or physical objects dependent on the man, and cut them off from all critical social spheres. This was the copy of the Christian thought.

When the British created the new religion of Hinduism, the heads of the reform and spiritual movements – which although were calculated to show a carefully calibrated streak of nationalistic pride, were geared to imitate their masters, the British. So the product of these social institutions be they Hindu or Muslim or Reform are subject to this same confusion. All spiritual, political, religious and cultural leaders have come through this same system where the 4-Ps have been controlled and thus they themselves were directionless.

The followers of this new religion, called Hinduism, were pushed to fraudulent institutions and fake teachers, and were convinced to follow an utterly impractical and even abusive spiritualism that is inwardly useless and requires practices that are outwardly expensive and show no external results re-producible in a scientific manner. Our own Enforcement Directorate has pointed out that most of these spiritual and religious institutions have today become major conduits of black money creating an unholy alliance of politicians, industrialists and black money holders and of foreign Intelligence agencies.

The effect of this mental subjugation has resulted in clueless bureaucracy, a directionless army, senseless legal procedures of British era and purposeless Intelligence Services. Though many in these fields are honestly trying to do something good their number is very low and is fast disappearing. The only ones in India who are not confused are the British-created political class who became a mirror image of the British East India Company officers whose single-minded purpose like that of their British masters was to make enough money for generations down the line at the expense of the common citizens.

Excerpt from the book India in Cognitive Dissonance – an explosive hard-hitting myth-buster, a timely reminder for the decadent Indian society and a masterpiece on Indian geopolitics published by GreatGameIndia – India’s only quarterly journal on Geopolitics & International Relations.

India in Cognitive Dissonance Book
India in Cognitive Dissonance Book

India in Cognitive Dissonance
is a hard-hitting myth-buster
from the Editors of GreatGameIndia.
A timely reminder for the decadent Indian society;
a masterpiece on Geopolitics and International Relations
from an Indian perspective – it lays bare the hypocrisy
taken root in the Indian psyche because of the falsehoods
that Indian society has come to accept as eternal truth.



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