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Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Economic Surveys: When Mainstream Economists Wear Blinders

For nearly 10 years now, I have been a very discerning reader of the annual Economic Surveys. The voluminous document is generally presented two...

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Causes Ovarian Cancer – US Court

A US Court in Los Angeles has ordered the multinational company Johnson & Johnson to pay US $417 million to a woman who claimed...

Here Is Why India’s 1 Million Bankers Are On Strike

More than 12 lakhs (1.2 million) bankers working in around 10,300 branches around India are on a one-day nationwide strike today protesting against the...

Inside The Secret Network Trying To Sabotage India’s Coal Industry

In 1985, French secret service sinks a ship by planting a mine to its hull in New Zealand. In 2011, a German spy is...

How Adani Siphoned Off Rs 14938472484 From India To Tax Havens

Exclusive: Allegations by Indian customs of huge sums being siphoned off to tax havens from projects are contained in legal documents but denied by company

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The Untold Story Of Republic Of India’s Partition

Great Game of India for for the control of India (and everything of our cultural heritage that we so dearly relish) was called in...