Cambridge Analytica, the UK-based firm part of an intricate global network of intelligence outfits created by spies of British Empire to dominate sovereign nations after decolonisation using psychological warfare techniques created during World War 2 is at the heart of a massive worldwide data breach. It is through these PR and election management firms hired by our political parties that these foreign intelligence agencies are able to penetrate and influence the outcome of domestic Indian elections. CA pitched a proposal last year to the Congress party, titled “Data Driven Campaign | The Path to the 2019 Lok Sabha” which included “data mining of Facebook posts and tweets” and “influencing voter intention” for the 2019 national election with an estimated cost of around Rs. 2.5 crore. Here is the 49-page pitch prepared by Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix in August 2017 for Congress party’s election campaign.

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GGI News Staff
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