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The most important question that no one has asked in the #2GScam is that how could #Rothschild be adviser to GoI designing auction system & at the same time also be advising Reliance & other telecom companies for the same auction.

Let’s say GoI wants to utilise its spectrum resources (which is a national resource belonging to people of India) for development purposes. Ideally this is done by state owned telecommunications companies for various reasons – major being that of national security. Now if state telco lacks expertise or funding it is sourced from private sector. Since Liberalisation & Privatisation GOI chose to auction spectrum whereby Govt sold licences to transmit signals over specific bands & assigned scarce spectrum resources to private/foreign players. Even for auction process itself Govt looked elsewhere. The guys chosen to manage auction process by GoI was none other than House of Rothschild one of controlling families of East India Company. Why no one has raised this serious issue?
While National Security officials of US themselves are planning to nationalize their 5G spectrum network to protect the nation from external attacks we in India are auctioning it back to subsidiaries even appointing as advisers.
Its mystery why GoI could not find appropriate expertise in any IIT IIM to manage this crucial task & instead contracted our colonial oppressors as advisers! It resulted in India’s major #2GScam landing most of this critical national resource in Rothschild’s lap.
In 2010 telecom spectrum were auctioned off. GoI chose EIC family #Rothschild to design auction sys in US$2.27 billion landmark deal in which they got atleast Rs 30.5 crore in commission. Heres responsibilities entrusted to Rothschild as advisers to GoI. 
The entire auction process resulted in a major scam which we know as #2GScam. How much was tax payer’s loss in the scam & where the money ended up is anybodys guess. #MukeshAmbani‘s #Reliance was major beneficiary of the scam – thats how you get free Jio services. 
Reliance Jio (earlier known as Infotel) was granted pan-India license for 4G in 2010 #2GScam – only company to have all-India 4G license. Now here is the kicker. Did you know a Rothschild banker (of the House of Rothschild one of the families that owned the East India Company) sits beside Mukesh Ambani in his mansion office guiding Reliance’s “strategy & planning”? The desk next to Ambani’s on Level 7 at TC-22 is Anshuman Thakur’s. The former N M Rothschild and Morgan Stanley banker, whose LinkedIn profile just shows him as in “strategy & planning” at Reliance Industries.
Jio hired Anshuman Thakur (ex-director #Rothschild & now Head of Strategy & Planning at Jio) who designed same auction sys. The question that no one has asked till today in this #2GScam is this: How could Rothschild be the adviser to Government of India designing the auction system and at the same time also be advising #MukeshAmbani‘s Reliance and other bidders for the same auction?
Advising both sides of auction? wasn’t than the entire auction system rigged by Rothschild? Shouldn’t that be illegal? And not just #MukeshAmbani‘s Reliance the EIC family Rothschild advises almost all of India Inc. Don’t believe us, do your research use google. 
But theres a kicker to this story. This scam has landed most of this critical national resource – spectrum in Rothschild’s lap courtesy of India Inc companies like Reliance. How you ask? Because these India Inc companies are just subsidiaries of EIC’s Rothschild. Here we present 2 cases (Reliance & Tata) to demonstrate how #IndiaInc business houses are subsidiaries of controlling families of East India Companies like #Rothschild#Rockefeller and others through which they operate & takeover Indian resources like in #2GScam. Even after Independence British had tight control over both India & Pakistan’s oil resource via their EIC companies Burma Shell & ESSO. During 1971 war with Pakistan #Rothschild‘s denied to supply our own oil to Indian Army, Navy & Air Force to fight our own war.
Angered by #Rothschild‘s refusal to give our own oil to fight our own war #IndiraGandhi nationalized the oil industry to protect our country’s critical natural resource & indigenously develop self-sufficiency (swadeshi #swaraj) & reduce dependency on videshi. More on #IndiraGandhi‘s fight with the East India Company’s House of #Rothschild that ultimately led to her assassination can be read in this below thread.

After nationalization oil majors such as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) & Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) had to keep a minimum stock level of oil ready to be supplied to Indian military whenever required. These #Rothschild companies after GoI took them over were developed by Indians & were worth lot more than their original price in 1971. However these brave decisions of #IndiraGandhi were overturned soon with onset of privatization putting India’s security at risk.
Now heres the kicker. These nationalized #Rothschild oil companies were slated for sale under privatization to the same EIC companies Burma Shell & ESSO disguised as Royal Dutch Shell & EXXON but with a major improvisation – now in collaboration with Reliance. Meaning that the original owners of these two EIC companies #Rothschild waited for 32 years & are now getting many times more worth on their investment along with getting their companies once nationalized back into their hands through nationalization with help from Reliance.
RoyalDutchShell & BurmaShell are subsidiaries of Shell Corporation controlled by House of #Rothschild centered in London who also controlled East India Companies & Bank of England – one of whose subsidiaries Reliance helped them acquire our spectrum/oil resources. EXXON is name given to one of the companies formed in 1911 when original East India Company Standard Oil Empire was broken into smaller units in a historical case by American judiciary. Details about the case are explained in this article – Ideology & Methodology: East India Company Series Part III
So did we learn anything from this entire case of nationalization & privatization of our national resources into the hands of EIC controller family #Rothschild? We are again ready to sell all of our resources back to them from whom we fought for centuries?
In 1971 EICs denied to give us our own oil to fight our war; what do you think they could do now that they own not just our oil but also our spectrum & telecommunications band? But more serious question is do India’s leadership military intelligence press have any clue about it? The same #Rothschild companies who refused to give us our own oil to fight our own war are now also refusing to pay the $3 billion penalty for stealing oil from ONGC. And what do our leadership do about it? They even waive off their NPA loans (read scam).
So why is it that in any of the scams although major beneficiary are erstwhile East India Company owners (as we have documented thoroughly) we never hear about them in mainstream media? Nor are they even pursued by investigating agencies? Let alone punished. Its the identification of ownership of todays MNCs & EICs that will solve puzzle of disappeared EICs a puzzle probably except Japan none in Asia ever understood. Indians never thought of it so never worried about it and do not care about it.
East India Company’s trade was divided into many parts & a particular family owned each part who was given full control over a nation under consideration. They developed local industrial/business houses through which they exploited the independent nations/colonies.
So for people of any nation it is only local industrial house that comes to light as exploiter & not EICs. As during EIC days while zamindars were blamed for exploitation of farmers with huge taxes the real culprit British & EIC got scott free. Same happened in #2GScamVerdict. Even today these EIC Houses control most of the MNCs we see through their local business houses & follow same ideology & methodology as that of EICs. What is different is just the presentation of same old concepts of exploitation disguised in enjoyable jumlas.

What is more surprising is that still 90% of Indians do not even knw that this very House of #Rothschild was one of the families that controlled East India Company that in turn exercised control over India or even know their name. Read Learn & get Educated.